Untitled 2019

Your eyes are blue, Which is my favorite hue Your lips are pinkish, That I really would like to kiss Your smile is so sweet, My heart is melting just by looking at it You are a man with a big heart, And you are such a perfect art I care for you the most,... Continue Reading →

My Loved Ones Are Merry On Christmas

Christmas is the time of the year where families gather around to celebrate, catch up, exchange gifts and have fun, not to mention the unlimited laughter and food. Unfortunately I'm not with them---5 years in a row! Living in a different country makes it more difficult to make my family happy especially when video calls... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Okay But It’s Okay

I was walking yesterday to clear up my mind, thinking whether what I'm doing is right or wrong. I have lots of issues I'm struggling to fight with right now. I always seem to complain in everything. Like EVERYTHING! I'm too sensitive and always end up being emotionally stressed out and dramatic. I tend to... Continue Reading →

My Ghostly Experience

Do you believe in ghosts or you are kinda skeptical about it? I was about 5 years old when I first encountered them, I was inside the washroom, sitting on the bowl and infront of me was the drainage, I was playfully swinging my feet when I suddenly saw a bubbles coming out of the... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Award

First of, I want to thank The Mended Seeker for nominating my blogs, this means so much to me and I'm really grateful and flattered. Her blogs are beautiful as who she is. Inspiring and motivational. THE RULES – If I have nominated you, please read these rules and scroll to the bottom of the... Continue Reading →

Believe It, It’s Unbelievable!

"One day's burden is enough for one day" - Matthew 6:34. I decided to watch the series Unbelievable in Netflix yesterday and it really affected me emotionally. I was thinking maybe other people are in this kind of situation. In the situation where MARIE experienced it for years. The story is all about a girl,... Continue Reading →

The Warmth of Armenia

Having fun is the best medicine to relieve stress and there's so many things how to do it---travelling is on the top of the list (I assume, how about you?) I went to Armenia and stayed there for 5 days and I was still lucky to at least experience their winter which later on resulted... Continue Reading →

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